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055 Evolution Of Be Helpful Not Hurtful

The Evolution Of
"Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”

Learning the difference between Helpful & Hurtful
When I was teaching in Thailand I found the importance of starting off your first class with the classroom rules and make sure they are posted. One rule I came up with is, “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”. Yes, it is a sneaky way to teach my mantra. Too many times a student will do something Hurtful to another student in attempt to gain attention, approval and popularity. To reinforce this behavior, way to often the nearby kids will laugh.

In my class, a student made fun of another student for getting a question wrong, all the students stop what they are doing, they point and all together say “Hurtful” 3 times. Saying Hurtful more than 3 times could become Hurtful. 3 times is just enough for the child to lower their head and feel remorse for what they did. I then talk to the child and tell them, “This is what people really think when you hurt other people. Even when people laugh, this is what they really think of hurting someone else. I want you to remember how this feels, ok? (To the whole class) No one makes fun of anyone in my class for trying. Trying is how you learn, making mistakes is how you learn and asking questions is how you learn. Anytime someone makes fun of someone for doing these things, it is Hurtful.” All of this is said in a very caring compassionate way.

I then wait until the same child decides to make a Helpful choice. As soon as he did, I make sure the child is rewarded the same way. Everyone stops what they are doing and points and says “Helpful” 3 times. I talk to the child in the same caring kind way. I then say, “Now I want you to remember how you felt before when you were being Hurtful and compare it to how you feel now. Which feels better? Do you think this feels better than if they would have laughed? No matter how good you would feel if they laughed, it does not even come close to how good it feels being Helpful.” For the rest of the year energy that once would have been used to be Hurtful, was focused on being Helpful. Every time he was Helpful, he beamed even more!

Another example was during lunch. Teachers are eating and Students are playing with all the other classes on the playground. So much chaos it is easy for them to get away with Hurtful behavior. I heard a thud and then immediately a student crying. I have very good reflexes but before I could even turn around I heard a collective “Hurtful” being chanted three times. I see the children all encircling one child pointing at him. The child who was Hurtful of course started to point to someone else but before he could finish extending his arm he stopped, he knew he was caught. I heard no more crying from Hurtful behavior by the cause of any of my students for the rest of the year. I must be honest, I had no idea the kids would use what I said outside of the classroom. I did not expect nor intend for them to continue my classroom rules of being Helpful, not Hurtful on the playground. Not because I instructed them too but because it was the right thing to do.

So in anything you do whenever you are in doubt, take a few deep breaths and ask yourself how can I be Helpful. If you are not being Helpful, you are being Hurtful. Choose to Be Helpful, Not Hurtful.”

Teaching/Counselling/Guiding/Listening One-On-One
Over the years I have found myself helping people by listening and guiding them back to their path. Unfortunately I have found that doing this one-on-one usually is a waste of my time and drains me of my energy.

Disclaimer/Give Me A Second To Explain Myself
I am not saying that helping individuals is pointless I am just saying there is nothing I can do about other peoples choices. I can show them the path to all that they seek. I cannot nor will I hold someones hand hoping they choose to walk that path every second, minute, hour, day, week, month, year. I will not be an enabler nor used as an excuse to stray from the path when I am not around. No longer will I let others manipulate my time.

Psychic Vampires
Psychic Vampires to me are people who need help or to talk but never help or listen. They choose to drain you of positive energy never choosing to replenish. If every time you see or talk to someone and you feel drained, pay close attention. Give them the chances to redeem themselves, but if they continue to choose to take without giving ask yourself how important it is to have such a friendship. If you find yourself in bad situations only because you know this person, ask yourself how healthy it is to have this relationship. No matter the problems we have, we must take time to help and give appreciation to those that help us. Giving is one of the best ways to energize your positive energy. It is only when your gifts are not appreciated or even seen as weakness to prey upon is the positive energy not replenished.

The More The Merrier
I am tired of trying to determine if they are a Psychic Vampire, not making the right choices, not being honest with me or themselves. I have found that when teaching in a group setting, I need not concern myself with these wastes of my energies. I can direct/guide to the paths of excellence. Those that choose to listen stand out fast! Just as soon as they stand out, the others will ask what they are doing different. More and more try and as more time passes this happens more and more until everyone understands the paths to excellence! Never misunderstand my actions as unwillingness to help. If you really want my help, you just need a bigger group.

Summer Of 2008
2008 I had summer off & spent it in my room developing my idea to save the planet & its economy.  Since then, I really haven’t got out much I have spent most of my spare time volunteering to this project.  I do almost nothing but this.  I made this my Gung-Fu.  Through hard work over time I have acquired many skills.  I found that which was hard & made it easy. I didn’t start out to save the world, I wanted to jump on the Green Electromagnet Gravy Train.  With the rise in oil & the devastation of the planet, I saw green technology as the direction for my new career.  I could get paid well & help out in so many ways, win, wins for everyone! I did my research & what seemed like the best bet was a program that after 2 years paid with health care to go to work & school, afterwards I could earn $75,000/year.  The problem was finding people capable of higher math & in shape enough to climb the 250ft ladders.  Getting paid well to do math & chin-ups all day, whoohoo sign me up! I was excited & during the summer I was going to try out the job.  I was going to work for a National Temp Agency that trained you to assist the technicians.  I would be climbing Wind Turbines & Cell Towers. That is why I am working for the schools, during the summer I can find the perfect job.  If I liked it & most importantly felt safe, I would join that 2-year program & if there were any kind of wait list, my name would be placed at the top because I had hands on experience. Well the summer of 2008 was almost here.  I was getting a little nervous about trying something so new.  At the same time I was thrilled.  I did a lot of research.  I did so much research I wanted to change the design.  I was taking this path to eventually design the wind turbines.

2 Bad Omens
Less than a week before summer, I had two really bad omens.
1. Dateline did an special on Tower Dogsthe most dangerous job in America, by capita. Wind Turbine & Cell Tower Technicians people died, 5 separate accidents within a week all on the same type of tower.  (My opinion, a serious design flaw!  Of which I have found the solution, Solar Plated Vertical Axis Wind Turbines.)
  1. Well this inspired a little more research.  I cannot tell you how many times I have typed Wind Turbine into YouTube.  Every time, the most common phrases searched for would pop up to help with my search.  I was searching for anything negative about their safety.  The more I saw it the more it looked like my life was in my hands.  You wear a hard had & you are hooked up to a tether.  I did not see myself falling too far because I could use the tether.  I probably wouldn’t hit my head harder than it had been hit in KAJUKENBO (Martial Arts).  So my life was in my hands.  That was until I typed in Wind Turbine this time.  This time right under it was, Wind Turbine Explosion.  In all of my research I had not seen these words appear together.  I clicked on it.  It was a 30 second clip.  15 seconds into it, 50% of the Wind Turbine just vanishes.  At that moment, I saw that if high winds came by with little warning, I could do nothing but die.

Turning A Negative Into A Positive
My mortality was no longer in my hands.  I need a better paying job but I will not risk my life in that way.  I had made up my mind, it is now 2 days until summer & I have absolutely no plans.  I did so much research.  In my research I had found better alternative designs of the wind turbines.  These models had the Nacelle (electronics) at the base on the ground.  There was no need to climb.  There was no mortality factor.  The Wind Turbines that we are using now the Nacelle & Propeller are assembled in Denmark & the Silo is assembled in Korea.  The better designs we made right here in America. The weekend came & it was the start of Summer.  I went with the Teachers’ Assistants on a year-end party camping trip.  I was determined not to let all of that research go to waste!  I just had no clue as to how.  I remember hanging out with some friends while they were fishing, I started writing & have yet to stop.  Anytime I didn’t know what to say, I would close my eyes, breathe in through my nose, out through my mouth & focus on the greater good.  How can I help everyone & everything involved for generations to come?  How can I, “Be Helpful, Not Hurtful”? Once home & I started to put my research together.  Not just the Wind Turbines but everything Green I was looking into.  I couldn't bear for all of that research to go to waste! There had to be some way I just kept on compiling more & more.  I watched the News & OPB.  Daily I watched at least 3 hours of World News.  I paid attention not to just what was wrong but also what would be the ideal solution.

I thought back to what I was actually doing at Fred Meyers, in the hierarchy I was 4th under the CEO.  I sent out training materials, Scheduled training, & tracked the training of 77,000 employees in well over 300+ Stores all over the United States.  For new stores & rollouts of new training to all 300+ Stores.  We could do this by using a PMMDb, the more you use a PMMDb, the more you perfect it.

I was working within Retail Education & Training as a Registrar and Document Fulfillment Manager for 77,000 employees. Day in and day out surrounded by job specific instructional materials for about every position in the stores. I would get calls and visits from people in the stores and offices asking what to do to further their career. The educational material for the stores was clear. If you want this job, take these classes, do these Computer Based Tutorials (CBTs), study these books. I sent the books when requested. There were step-by-step instructions for the CBTs. If anyone had any problems, they would call me and I walked them through it. I told them who could approve them being signed up for the class(es) and what they needed to do beforehand. However, when people from the office would come to me, the story was entirely different. We had the following CBTs for the Office: Typing, Access, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage and Word, all with Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced levels. There was some Soft Skills Training and that was about it. I was in charge of a good-sized Corporate Library. Yet, no real job specific Training for the Offices. No clear path to achieve any specific position. It was my job to tell employees what steps to take to get the position they wanted. I had to mentally break the jobs down by tasks to determine what training would pertain to that job. It did not take me long to present my boss with a few ideas. One of them was to develop a job specific training program for all the positions in our offices. My idea evolved into a program in which you could earn a Bachelors Degree at work.  I created edited training materials that when taught by people with Masters Degrees, the students could earn a Bachelors Degree all across the Nation.  That was only a small portion of my idea, I need to manifest what I see and set it free. Education from infancy in the home building the foundation to explore the depth & breadth of our accumulated shared knowledge. Translated then once they are capable transliterated to every language by native college educated speakers.

Nobel Prize Nomination
I remembered when I was in High School, one of my wants was just to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  I do not have to win, I would just like to be nominated.  So then I also meditated on what I could do to deserve it. What could I do that would be worthy of a nomination?

Lesson From Buddha
Unintentionally & then intentionally, I took a lesson from Buddha & went to my cave, my room in a basement, & I created my Gung-Fu.  Through hard work I have attained many skills in various fields.  I have combined my alternative set of skills to develop a Sustainable Utopia as opposed to our current Unsustainable Dystopia. I cannot let myself settle.  I know I can do this.  I also know if I took a better job, I would do fun things in my spare time.  I would waste my money & probably my life just settling. Martial Artists have this ability of being excellent at everything they choose.  The energy within the Martial Art Community alone could get this started. My helping out in Class & the Kids Class helped in preparing me for Teaching & Developing Education.  Martial Arts opened my mind to a whole new level of understanding of what I am capable of.  I know that if you want to do anything do it!  I know I can do anything I put my mind to.  I know the strength of my will.

Ideal Ideals
The Planet is in such bad shape in what seems like every way possible.  I cannot wait for others to do what is needed.  I didn’t really set out to save the Planet & its Economy. It was more a mixture of life led me here & “We The People”, cannot wait for others actions that mostly seem to misrepresent us. I have grown tired of hearing people complain about what is wrong. After vast resources and a collective will focused on stopping some bad action. Either the solution is no better if not worse or there is no solution, the needed action is stopped without anything to replace it. These are not sustainable actions! We do not have time to wait for nothing to get accomplished. Be a part of the solution, not the problem! Settle for nothing less than ideal ideals and in time these unattainable ideals will evolve into attainable goals. Settle for less than ideal, that is what you get! No one should want for anything needed to survive or thrive! Intentionally leaving out “the other side”, undoing what they have done. Both sides seem to care more about proving the other wrong or placing blame for all of our woes. We have become more about undoing than doing. Lets choose to seek ideal solutions and share this knowledge! Lets choose to be the change that is so desperately needed! Lets end oppression! Lets choose to evolve &...

Be Helpful, Not Hurtful
Charlie Hancock

Wind Turbine Explosion

Dateline, “Tower Dogs”, the most dangerous job in America

Solar Plated Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Project Management Methodology Database PMMDb

Task Based Education & Training

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055 The Evolution Of Be Helpful Not Hurtful